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Soulfully Sanguine DIY Wellness Retreat

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Soulfully Sanguine DIY Wellness Retreat

Chrissy Gruninger
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How to Map Out Your Plan for Happiness, Health, and Harmony

This self-guided wellness retreat is designed to help you review, reset, and recharge, shaping the foundation for your ONE beautiful life.

Over the course of this solo retreat, you’ll envision then create the life you want, from the inside out.

External circumstances will always come and go — life likes to throw its twists and turns — but it’s what’s inside you, how you use your inner compass, that really matters. Sometimes along the way, we forget who we are.

Soulfully Sanguine will not only help you remember but also act as a guide on your journey in life.

Your retreat contains:

  • 171 page PDF Workbook with fillable fields
  • Weekly Check-in Soulfully Sanguine Blueprint – Computer Wallpaper and Printable version
  • 10 Supplemental Checklists and Activity Sheets
  • Activities, Reflections and Explorations to support you in discovering your true self and living a happy, healthy and harmonious life.
  • Bonus: Guided Meditation based on my book, A Wildhearted Sanguine Life



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